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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pivot4J Pentaho BI Plugin


Do you know about Pivot4J Pentaho BI Plugin?

How to Test the Plugin

  1. Download and install the latest development snapshot of the Pentaho BI server(CE) from here.
  2. Download the Pivot4J plugin and extract all of the contents in the pentaho-solutions/system folder under the Pentaho BI server installation directory.
  3. Run the Pentaho BI server. And launch the web interface by opening http://localhost:8080 from the browser.
  4. Login using the default account(joe/password), and click the Manage existing button.
  5. (First time only) Click the green plus button, and choose Analysis to import the OLAP schema. Click the browse button and select one of the Mondrian schema file bundled with the platform - ./pentaho-solutions/steel-wheels/analysis/steelwheels.mondrian.xml or ./pentaho-solutions/bi-developers/analysis/SampleData.mondrian.xml. You can repeat the process to import both the schema files.
  6. Click the Pivot4J toolbar button, or select File > New > Pivot4J Analytics View from the menu to create a new report.
  • Note that after save the report first time, the file is not visible until the directory is manually refreshed. Its a known issue and hopefully will get resolved soon.

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