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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pentaho 5.0 CE is now available!

Hi Folks,

Great news from Pedro Alves and Pentaho ... 

After two release update announcements and over 1 month after my initial estimate (mid-october... yeah, right!), it's done!

Pentaho 5.0 CE is available for download!


This was a huge collaborative effort from a lot of people - internally, from all areas of Pentaho, and externally, from the community!

Based out of the Pentaho 5.0.1 codebase, we are releasing what we hope to be a coherent and quality release to fulfill the needs of our user base.

I'd like to specially thank the authors that did a great effort in making sure their plugins were working against 5.0: Xavier Cho and the Pivot4J team, Paul Stoellberger and the Analytical Labsteam, Marius Giepz, and a huge effort from the Brazilian Pentaho Community that got together and organized a 20-man team to build a QA plan and test the suite. Amazing work everyone!

Now... if you excuse me, I'm signing out. Getting this release out the door plus the fact that Portugal just qualified for the Football World Cup (the kind of football were you actually kick a ball with your foot, my American friends), if you see a guy celebrating in the streets totally drunk, it's most likely me! \o/