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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Sonho impossível (Impossible Dream)

 Together with my wife, family, friends and many other supporters and mentors, I persued my Sonho impossível (Impossible Dream).

I almost gave up many times, but, it finally became reality.

As most of you know, I became a Doctor (PhD) on 08 Feb / 2023, and some days ago, on January, 26, 2024, I had my Official Ceremony (Investidura de nuevos doctores / Acto Académico de Santo Tomás de Aquino)

Sonho impossível — “Investidura de nuevos doctores” / Acto Académico de Santo Tomás de Aquino — Madrid — 26.01.2024 — Dr. Caio Fernandes Moreno

The great Maria Bethânia sings “Sonho Impossível / Impossible Dream” 

“Sonhar mais um sonho impossível
Lutar quando é fácil ceder
Vencer o inimigo invencível
Negar quando a regra é vender

Sofrer a tortura implacável
Romper a incabível prisão
Voar num limite improvável
Tocar o inacessível chão”

“Dream one more impossible dream,
struggle when it is easier to give in.
Win the unbeatable enemy,
deny when the rule is to sell.

Suffer the relentless torture,
break up the unreasonable prison
Fly over an unlikely limit,
touch the inaccessible ground.

I became a Doctor (PhD)

Luke 1:37

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

Thank you Heavenly Father !!! Obrigado!!! Gracias !!!

With love,

Dr. Caio Fernandes Moreno