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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Sala de Situação ANS - Project made with Pentaho

Hello folks of Pentaho's World,

I am very happy this week to see that finally one of the projects that I helped, the project "Sala de Situação da ANS", is live.

See the project link:

Project Press Release:

Congrats to everybody at ANS Team that worked in this project, but specially Daniel, Eric, Carlos and Paulo, that "got their hands dirty" in the beginning of the projects and made it real.

When I started working in this project, using Pentaho Open Source Technology at ANS, it was a big challenge helping people understand the power of the tool.

Below we can see the image of the front page of ANS's website and the promotion of the "Sala de Situação".

It is also very cool to see that the reports are already making news with this data.

Some images: