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Thursday, May 08, 2008

iPhone in Brazil

Hi everyone, 

I am not writing a lot in my blog as I should. It is so hard to find time to write on my blog, I really love to write but now that I am moving to Curitiba because I will get married I almost do not have time to nothing, just time to work and plan the wedding. I am contracting services to my wedding and honey moon, I am also trying to find a house in Curitiba, does anyone have something to rent to me?

So, let me tell you guys something I am doing today that I started yesterday, but I am not doing it full time.

I am testing Apple iPhone.

I am really enjoying it a lot, it is not mine, I am just testing for maybe 2 or 3 days.

I read about iPhone almost 2 years ago or maybe 1 year ago, it was the first day that Apple talked about it. Then when I was in the Madrid Metro going to Cuatro Caminos station I meet two Brazilians who was beside me and they showed me, it did not have the opportunity to see a lot because they soon went out to their station.

The Second time was in Paris at Orange Store.

And now finally I am using it and testing, installing programs, using Wi-Fi, etc.

I am testing it to do something big in the future like integrated it with other system, use it with a lot of things, the first step is to connect iPhone with a Checkpoint VPN, does anyone knows how to do it?

I think that the way is to use the VPN Client who comes with iPhone, but Checkpoint VPN Gateway do not work with L2TP or PPTP, it has to enabled it.

Probably today or tomorrow it will work with L2TP in a Checkpoint VPN.

Just to tell everybody about iPhone in Brazil, we still do not have it, there is no mobile company selling it and there is no Apple Store, but you can find a lot of people who bought it in Europe(Paris) or USA and bring it to Brazil and are using it with Vivo, TIM or Claro (Mobile Companies in Brazil).

I read yesterday that we will have it very soon.

iPhone is really cool, it is like a computer and they did something amazing, Apple you guys are great!!!

Below there are some good videos that I found in YouTube about iPhone in Brazil.

Little explanation about iPhone

This video explain in Portuguese how to make iPhone work in Brazil

More videos, there are a lot of videos explaining it, do it on your own risk.

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