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Thursday, September 18, 2008

IMEI and ICCID. Why should I know it?

Hello everybody,

That's me again. Today let's talk about two names IMEI and ICCID.

But you are probably asking yourself: Why do I need to know it?

Simple!!! You probably have a cell phone and it is probably GSM, so If someone stole your mobile phone call your operator and give them your IMEI number and they will ban this equipament, so the people will have to put this mobile in the trash.

IMEI is a unique serial number, it identify  your GSM mobile phone, just you have this number in the whole planet.

ICCID ( Integrated Circuit Card ID) or SIM Card is the number of your SIM Card. 

See what wikepedia tell us:

The Subscriber Identity Module Serial Number (SSN), or Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICC-ID), is a 19 or 20 digit unique number that identifies an individual SIM card used in GSM and 3G phones. The number is printed onto the SIM card.

The exact format of the SSN differs according to the mobile operator, however the following is constant:

  • The first 3 digits represents the Mobile Country Code (MCC).
  • The next 2 digits represent the Mobile Network Code (MNC, i.e. the mobile operator).
  • The next 12 digits is the number, from which some operators use the two left most to indicate the Home Location Register.
  • The 20th digit then is a checksum.

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