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Friday, May 11, 2012

Pendular Project

Hi folks,

You guys need to see the Pendular Project.

Thanks Brian Hagan for showing me this project.

Pendular is an acronym for Pentaho End-user Layer. It offers a simple, light weight web front-end for Pentaho business intelligence end-users (as opposed to power users and administrators).

In comparison to Pentaho's standard front-end (mantle), Pendular offers a more simplified user interface that requires less screen real-estate. Some specific pendular features include:
  • repository search with autocomplete
  • dynamic, personalized tag cloud
  • favorites - simple bookmark management (not yet implemented)
  • what's new list
  • minimal consumption of screen real-estate - Ideal for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets
To see Pendular in acttion, check out this (short) video kindly created and posted on YouTube by Matt Casters:
Pendular is implemented as an AJAX thin client based on the YAHOO User Interface framework (YUI).
Pendular is packaged as a pentaho server plugin. This makes it very easy to install: simply drop the pendular directory (and its subdirectories) inside pentaho-solutions/system and restart the bi server. The plugin is picked up automatically by Pentaho and can be accessed at:http://_server_:_port_/pentaho/content/pendular/www/index.html The plugin also installs a Pendular menu item in the mantle Tools menu. You can access Pendular from there as well.

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