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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mac Tip: Force empty the Trash

Hi guys,

If you are having problems trying to clean up your Trash on Mac even when you are using the "force" you need to know this tip.

I tried a lot of times without success to clean up my Trash using the command line below:

MacBook-Air-de-Caio:~ caiomsouza$ sudo rm -rf  ~/.Trash/*

After trying a lot, I discovery that if you press the Option button while you clean up the trash it will work and it will clean up bin files and others.

I found this tip in this website here.

The original text:

Sometimes the Trash on your Mac won't empty - even when you tell it to. Ever since Idragged and dropped a bunch of leftover Windows system files into my Mac's Trash bin, no matter how many times I tried to empty it, there those trashed files stayed, staring at me in defiance.
Luckily, The X Lab site offers a few options for force-emptying the Mac's Trash. Being acommand line gal, I used the old rm -rf ~/.Trash/* technique in Terminal, but apparently holding down the Option key while emptying does the trick too. Here's to empty trash bins!

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