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Thursday, October 09, 2014

VisualCue you should see what they are doing...

Some days ago I talked with Daniel Amato and Kerry Gilger about VisualCue in Brazil at their office in São Paulo.

So, I am here in Orlando and today I had lunch at Pentaho World 2014 with Daniel Amato and Kerry Gilger, CEO of VisualCue and they presented me a lot of great things about VisualCue, you guys should see their product.

The idea is simple your eyes can process/understand data faster than you can read it, so why not to create some pretty nice dashboards to help our BI users understand better their data?

The Tile

With VisualCue, you are the one in control. No matter what industry, or what role, we make it simple for you to understand your data, and your business. By using the human brain’s ability to capture, process, and understand pictures, VisualCue harnesses the natural ability of representing data with pictures.
It all has to start somewhere, and for us, its starts with the Tile. What may seem like a simple square filled with icons, is actually a powerful and diverse vehicle for understanding your data. The Tile displays huge amounts of data through its ability to simplify multiple data sets into a single icon. We call the icon a Cue, a Visual Cue! These dynamic Cues represent key points of data for the subject being monitored or analyzed. The Cues also speak a universal language, a visual language, which can de understood by anyone. The CEO, the manager, the technician, and your customer.
If you want to know more send me an e-mail.

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