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Monday, September 21, 2015

How to go to Google Campus Madrid by car, metro or bike

Hi Geek folks from Madrid or anywhere in the world,

Do you want to go to Google Campus Madrid?

Google Campus Madrid
Address: Calle Moreno Nieto, 2 28005 Madrid, Spain
Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm

By car
In the beginning I was coming to Google Campus Madrid by car, but it is probably the worst way to come and the reason is that you can not park here for more than 4 hours.

So you will have to park your car in the streets close to Google Campus and pay about 7 euros per 4 hours and after 4 hours you will have to stay 2 hours away from the district so that way you can come again and park for more 4 hours.

So, by car you will pay about 14 euros to park and you will have all the inconvinient of having to take off your car every 4 hours.

To come by car just in waze or your favorite GPS the street name Calle Moreno Nieto, 2, Madrid.

There are always places to park and it very easy to park anywhere.

By Metro

I do not know why, but Google is in a place "very" far away from a metro station for Madrid standards.

It means you will have to walk about 1 km from the metro station to Google Campus.

In fact, there are a lot of options to come here by metro, but they are all far away.

I already tried two options until now, see it below:

Puerta del Ángel
The best way to go home If you do not want to go up in the hill to Opera.

Opera Metro Station
You can walk from Opera Station to Google Campus.
It is a good option when you are going to Google, because it is all going down by a hill from the Madrid Palace to Google. I will not try to do this to go back home just If I was trying to do some exercise.

By Bike
I came once from my house to Google Campus, it was 10km by bike and it was preety good, but the bad thing is that there is no place to park the bikes inside. They said that they will let everybody park the bike inside even if you are not a resident.
I liked this way a lot and I hope they let us park here without having to pay for it as a resident.

Why did I write this post?

I did it for me, for all my friends that are asking me about Google Campus and maybe for you that are reading it.

I have a bad memory, so I decided to write this post to remember. I do not come here everyday, and even every week or even every months, so it is easy to forget how to come here.

Why Google Campus Madrid?

Google Campus Madrid is a excellent place to work, meet friends, make new friends, learn, make business contacts, study, eat or anything. It is kind of a Starbucks but dedicated to geeks, entrepreneurs and tech guys.

If you come to Google Campus Madrid you will enjoy this international environment, this startup spirit, the amazing internet, the amazing facility, in fact if you are a geek you will feel home.

The problem is that after you start working at Google Campus Madrid you will have difficult to work in others place. Here is just amazing and I wish I could come here everyday.

Working anywhere

I usually work anywhere. When I mean anywhere, that's true. I work anywhere in the world. I travel a lot to a lot of countries and cities and it is very cool to be able to work anywhere.

I work in my client's offices, at the University, at the Metro, the Mall, in the bus, in the car, in the taxi, in the airplane, at home, in my company office in Sao Paulo or Madrid, in the park, at Starbucks and since Google Campus Madrid opened sometimes I will also come here to work and I love it.

If you want to have freedom, you have to learn how to work anywhere and make it productivity.

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