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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Book "Mondrian in Action"

Hi folks,

I am happy about this Mondrian Book.

Table of Contents
  1 Beyond reporting: business analytics - FREE 
  2 Mondrian: a first look - AVAILABLE 
  3 Creating the data mart - AVAILABLE 
  4 Multidimensional modeling - AVAILABLE 
  5 How schemas grow - AVAILABLE 
  6 Securing data - AVAILABLE 
  7 Mondrian performance 
  8 Advanced security and multi-tenancy 
  9 Mondrian and Pentaho 
10 Integrating Mondrian into your application 
11 Advanced Analytics


  • Mondrian from the ground up-no experience required
  • A primer on business analytics
  • SQL tuning and optimization techniques
  • Using the MDX query language to define calculations
  • Integrating with other open source tools
  • Using Mondrian results to build Pentaho dashboards and pixel perfect reports
  • In-memory data caching to decrease response time of queries
This book provides the valuable insights you'll need to use Mondrian for business analysis and to develop custom BI solutions. Data engineers and DBAs will appreciate the coverage of schema development and multi-dimensional models, along with tips for tuning the SQL Mondrian generates and optimizing the underlying database.


William D. Back is an Enterprise Architect with Pentaho. He trains clients on the use of Mondrian and other Pentaho tools. Nicholas Goodman is a Business Intelligence geek, consultant, hacker, blogger, speaker and entrepreneur. He has authored multiple training courses on OLAP, Mondrian, and Open Source. Julian Hyde founded the Mondrian project in 2001. He continues as the project's lead developer, and as OLAP Architect at Pentaho.

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