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Friday, September 18, 2009

First day - Pentaho Community Gathering - Barcelona 2009

Hello folks,

Here we are in Barcelona, Spain together to the Pentaho Community Gathering 2009.

Today we met to the George Payne Irish Bar in Plaza Urquinaona, 5 about 6pm but I just arrived there about 8pm.

We kind of had dinner there talked about each other and talked about Pentaho's products. Then we went to another place that I did not remember the name and we had Jamon, queso, drinks and bread.

It was a really good nigth. I really enjoy the opportunity to talk with some of the creators of Pentaho and with some really importants community guys.

I really have to thanks my friends from StrateBI they are a really good company in Spain that works hard with Pentaho since the beginning.

So I am really excited about tomorrow to the second day and to hear the talks about the news of Pentaho.

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