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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

[pentahoanalysistool-dev:341] The run up to PAT 1.0

Hi guys,

Sorry for the lack of info if you don't live in IRC or Twitter land,
we're running into PAT 1.0 over the next month, we have some fun new
stuff to play with, namely a nice dedicated server to test stuff and
deploy things, so here's what we have so far,

You can find all the latest builds on our new hudson server,

This includes a basic war, a full standalone server, and the plugin
stuff that is work in progress, these basically build everytime there
is a commit, so you will get bleeding edge. is the current link to
our live demo, faster than the old one and now includes Foodmart on
Lucid, so thats the main area for finding bugs, I'm sure there are

As usual please please please test it and file feature requests here:

Without testing and feedback we wont hit 1.0 with the base we want to
drive onto 2.0 with.



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